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      1. 產品詳情
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        • 產品名稱:DODGE軸承

        • 產品型號:任意
        • 產品廠商:DODGE
        • 產品價格:0
        • 折扣價格:0
        • 產品文檔:
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        美國DODGE軸承-SleevOil Bearings:型號齊全,種類繁多,如有需求,請來電,恭候你的來電,
        美國DODGE軸承-SleevOil Bearings
        SleevOil Bearings: 
        This is a plain bearing which has no moving parts. It supports loads through sliding motion. The bearing housing supports a liner through which the shaft passes. The shaft is separated from the bearing by a continuous film of lubricant. There is no metal-to-metal contact during operation. A full-film lubrication gives theoretically infinite life. SleevOil bearings are used on fans/blowers, motors, generators, dynamometers, test stands, compressor, pumps & turbines in the Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Mining, Chemical, Pulp & Paper and other Utilities industry.
        In the Shanghai Factory, SleevOil of size 8”, 7”, 6”, 5-7/16”, 4-15/16”, 4-7/16”, 3-15/16” & 3-7/16” are manufactured.

        Contact:MR REN
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