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        日期:2023-04-12 14:43



        SIKA – Your Competent Partner for MeasurementandControlTechnology

        Over 100 years ago, thecompany’sfounders,Dr.Carl Siebert und Albert Kühn, recognised anincreasingdemandfortechnically high quality, precisionthermometersandglassapparatus. They founded the company Dr. Siebert&KühnGmbH& Co. KG on November 1, 1901, thus layingthefoundationforthe success story that is SIKA in the developmentandproductionofhigh quality measurement equipment.
        SIKA is still entirely family-owned and is run bymembersoftheSiebert family in the 4thgeneration.
        The Company 
        The seat of the SIKA corporategroupisinKaufungen. In addition to SIKA Dr. Siebert &KühnGmbH&Co. KG, the group consists of SIKA SystemtechnikGmbHandSIKAAquatec GmbH. 270 employees develop, produceandsellmeasurementdevices, calibrators and sensory mechanismsforthephysicalfactors of temperature, flow, level and pressure.
        In France and the United States, SIKA canofferitscustomerscompetent on-site support in the form ofSIKAFrance,Paris, andSIKA USA, Sturtevant (Wisconsin).
        A Tradition of Quality 
        Customer centricity was at theheartofthecorporate culture even in the dawning days ofSIKA.Thishasremained until the present day. SIKA offersoptimumsolutionstonumerous measurement problems, drawing on a broadrangeofproductsand developments.
        SIKA product specialists offerqualifiedsupportinselecting equipment from the standard programmeand alsoin themutualdevelopment of components andassemblieswithOEMcustomers.
        SIKA products are synonymouswithhighqualitystandards. SIKA thermometers, which measurejustasprecisely afterten years as immediately afterproduction,areexamples of thestandards that are satisfiedindevelopment,purchasing andproduction. This means that SIKA canalsosatisfyambitious qualitygoals for large series in allproductranges. Thisfocus on qualityis documented in thecertificationaccording to DINEN ISO9001.
        Customers from all over the worldareconvincedbythe products and services provided by SIKA. Theyfindlocalsupportfrom sales partners in all importantdevelopednations.Thesepartners can draw on the complete reservoirofspecialistexpertisein Kaufungen and can therefore tap therichexperiencefrom the useof SIKA products around the world.
        Short delivery times for numerous standard itemscanbeguaranteedthanks to the stocks held by main retailers.
        This customer centricity has brought SIKA a goodreputationaroundtheworld and has created a healthy baseofsatisfiedcustomers.
        The consistent development of products and service isaguaranteethatSIKA will remain a strong partner for itscustomersinfuturealso.
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