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        BALDOR in Chinese products

        日期:2023-04-13 17:59
        BALDOR in Chinese products

        CST Reducer Gearbox
        The BaldorCST (Controlled Start Transmission) is a 2-in-1 soft start drivegearbox which combines a planetary gear reducer with an integralhydro-viscous clutch system. This reducer gearbox, when coupled toan AC induction motor at its input shaft side and a high inertiaload, such as a conveyor belt pulley at its output shaft, convertsthe motor’s high-speed, low-torque input to a low-speed,high-torque output. The integrated hydro-viscous clutch providessmooth, controllable power to the high inertia load.
        CST reducer gear box coupled withan AC induction motor on a drive skid are mainly used on long mineconveyors, hauling high inertia load such as coal, copper, gravel,iron and other bulk handling materials. In a multiple driveconfiguration, coupled to head end or tertiary or tail end pulleyof long conveyors, CSTs deliver excellent motor load share within±2% to minimize the dynamic stresses on all conveyor components. Atthe Baldor Shanghai Plant, CSTs are manufactured in the torquerange of 280,000 to 2500,000 in-lb at its output shaft for a rangeof 400kW to 3000kW motors on the input shaft in a gear-ratio rangeof 15~39.

        BALDOR in Chinese products

        RPM_AC Motors: 
        This isa laminated square frame motor, optimized exclusively for inverterduty operation, a unique solution to optimum variable –speedperformance. Square framedesigns allow larger horsepower ratings in smaller frame sizes thanany other cast iron motors without compromise in performance orlife. These motors replace larger frame NEMA AC and DC motorseasily, offer continuous constant torque to zero speed on DPFV,TENV, TEBC and TEFC enclosures.
        Baldor Shanghai Factorymanufactures 1000:1 constant torque below base speed, the followingrange of motors:
        11~30kW, IC410(TENV),
        11~150kW, IC411(TEFC)
        11~336kW, IC416 (TEBC) and11~700kW, IC06 (DPGFV)
        Most of the applications are forExtruders, Injection Molders, Paper Mill Winders & Spindles,Top Drive for Drill Rig, and Electric Vehicles,

        IEC Super-E MetricMotors:
        Baldor Electricis the leader in theproductionand sale of NEMA
        Premium® motors and has sold higherefficiency, premium level IEC motors for many years. Baldor’sShanghai plant manufactures IEC Super-E motors, frame size 80~280which have obtained ChinaEnergy Level-1from Beijing Energy Label Bureau asper GB18613-2006.
        SleevOilBearings: This isa plain bearing which has no moving parts. It supports loadsthrough sliding motion. The bearing housing supports a linerthrough which the shaft passes. The shaft is separated from thebearing by a continuous film of lubricant. There is nometal-to-metal contact during operation. A full-film lubricationgives theoretically infinite life. SleevOil bearings are used onfans/blowers, motors, generators, dynamometers, test stands,compressor, pumps & turbines in the Steel Mills, Cement Plants,Mining, Chemical, Pulp & Paper and other Utilitiesindustry.
        In the Shanghai Factory, SleevOilof size 8”, 7”, 6”, 5-7/16”, 4-15/16”, 4-7/16”, 3-15/16”& 3-7/16” aremanufactured

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