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      1. 產品展示
        • 德國Wilhelm Schley公司**閥--REGULATING VALVES Safety valvesT11 - for steam, liquids and gases, DN 15 - 200design, pressure ratings, dimensions, material, etc.in case of inquiries
        • 德國Wilhem Schley公司溢流閥--REGULATING VALVES Safety overflow valves T27-for liquids and gases, DN 15-65, PN 100 up to DN 40;T27F-for liquids and gases,DN 15 - 200,PN 100 up to DN 40
        • 1)德國Wilhelm Schley公司船用閥 VG85033-VG850342;德國Wilhelm Schley公司船用閥 VG85060
        • 德國Wilhelm Schley公司截止閥型號有:DIN86501;DIN865023;DIN86511;DIN86512; DIN86551; DIN86552 。
        • 德國Wilhelm Schley公司減壓閥的種類有:(Wilhelm Schley公司減壓閥)T6型;(Wilhelm Schley公司減壓閥)T7型;(Wilhelm Schley公司減壓閥)T8型;(Wilhelm Schley公司減壓閥)T9型;(Wilhelm Schley公司減壓閥)T92型;(Wilhelm Schley公司減壓閥)T679型;
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